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The Brightfire tapered inset is designed to convert an open fire without a back boiler, with minimum cost, into a stove. 

By installing the tapered insert you are maximizing the efficiency of your open fire and essentially turning it into a stove. The Tapered Inset comes equipped with ‘Brightfire Convection Chamber Technology’ giving you that extra heat to the room.

6.5kw Tapered Inset

    • 6.5kw output to the room only
    • Efficiency: Up to 80%
    • Top Flue Outlet
    • Flue Diameter: 6”
    • Deflector plate optional
    • Custom made backing plate available
    • Heavy wall for longevity
    • Air wash technology for cleaner glass
    • Suitable for overnight burning
    • Manufactured to EN13229 standards
    • Multi-Fuel Grate
    • Brightfire Baffle Technology
    • Brightfire Convection Chamber Technology
    • Reduces fuel consumption by 50% in comparison to an open fire
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