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The Athens Boiler Stove is manufactured with beautiful steel construction and boasts excellent burn control along with an 80% plus efficiency level.
Its sleek modern design and large viewing glass looks stunning in any home. Available with a choice of a 3 or 4 sided.

Athens 700 16kw

  • Athens 700 - 16kw Boiler

    • Power: 16kW (54624BTU)
    • Power to Water: 11kW(37533BTU)
    • Power to Room: 5kW(17060BTU)
    • Flue Size: 153mm
    • Flue Location: Top


    Athens 700 - 21kw Output

    • Power: : 21kW (71694BTU)
    • Power to Water: 15kW(51210BTU)
    • Power to Room: 6kW(20484BTU)
    • Flue Size: 178mm
    • Flue Location: Top
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