The Brightfire 17kw Boiler heats 12 radiators with ease, perfect for a three bedroom house. Built with a heavy gauge steel body and cast iron door makes this stove one of the most durable stoves on the market.

Brightfire 17kw Boiler

    • 4.5kw to room/ 12.5kw to water
    • Heats up to 12 Radiators with ease
    • Efficiency: Up to 75%
    • Top & Back Flue Outlet
    • Flue Diameter: 6”
    • Heavy wall for longevity
    • Thermostatically controlled 
    • Riddling system to clear ash
    • Air wash technology for cleaner glass
    • External Air option available on this model
    • Suitable for overnight burning
    • Manufactured to EN13240 standards
    • Multi-Fuel Grate
    • Reduces fuel consumption by 50% in comparison to an open fire