The Brightfire 25kw Boiler Stove is one of the largest boiler stoves in our range. The 25kw comfortably heats up to 20 radiators. Its unique, classic and efficient design makes it the perfect finishing touch for your home.

Brightfire 25kw Boiler


    • FSB: 8kw to room / 17kw to water
    • FSB heats up to 20 Radiators with ease
    • Efficiency: Up to 75%
    • Top & Back Flue Outlet
    • Flue Diameter: 6”
    • Heavy wall for longevity
    • Thermostatically controlled 
    • Riddling system to clear ash
    • Air wash technology for cleaner glass
    • External Air option available on this model
    • Suitable for overnight burning
    • Manufactured to EN13240 standards
    • Multi-Fuel Grate
    • Reduces fuel consumption by 50% in comparison to an open fire