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Worn Door seal? Sticky handle? Glass cracked? Broken Baffle? Dont "fret" - Fix it Friday is here! (Get it?)!
Not only should you have your chimney swept on a yearly basis, you should also have your stove serviced. We will we do a full inspection of your stove and provide a report on our findings.

What does it involve?
- Checking & replacement of door and glass rope seals
- Checking & adjustment of the door latch and hinges*
- Checking & replacing any of baffles and firebricks if needed *
- Checking & replacing glass is needed*

*parts will cost extra depending on what is needed and may need to be ordered in


Book your one-to-one appointment now for solid advice bespoke to you and your home. 

Appointments are free but if you cant make it please let us know so we can aollocate it to someone else.

We can quote for a lot of jobs with a few pictures & information, fill out the Quotation Form and we will get back to you with either a quote, or arrange for someone to call out in order to do so!

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