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The Ostro 80 measures only 30cm deep, meaning it is a great option for confined spaces.


Dielle has developed and patented a combustion system that is unique. In a Dielle stove the pellets are fed into the burner from below by means of stainless steel screws controlled by a microprocessor which avoids any clogging issues and promotes constant and uniform combustion over time. As a result of this innovative system feeing the fuel from below Dielle stoves make it possible to obtain a stable, more natural flame comparable to that of a traditional wood burning stove.


Why Choose Dielle?

Natural Flame: The patented Dielle combustion system guarantees a more natural lazy flame compared to the short harsh flame of other brands.


Efficient: During the transfer of the combustion chamber, pellets are preheated and dried to optimise combustion.


Quiet: Unique design of the pellet distribution system reduces noise.


Practical: Bottom feeding of the pellets into the combustion chamber causes tje natural automatic expulsion of ash residues, therefore requiring less maintenance and cleaning vs other brands.


Reliability: The Dielle combustion system is less sensitive than other brands, meaning it requires less maintenance over time.




  • LCD Display
  • Daily Temperature Management
  • Sliding Glass Top


Optional Extra:

  • D-Connect App Management


Ostro 80

  • Output Range 2.6 – 8.5kW
    Flue Top/Rear
    Burn Time (@5kW/hr) 14hrs
    Flue Diameter 80mm
    Dimensions 830mm (w) x 1030mm (h) x 320mm (d)
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