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Cozy and comfort

The Scan-Line Green 300 pellet stove from HETA, has made it easier for you to heat your house without compromise on comfort. The sleek designed, fully automatic pellet stove has large glass to view the flames spreading coziness throughout your house.


The Scan-Line Green 300 is incredibly easy to operate and has a large intuitive color display. Set the desired temperature, power level and you can also save on fuel usage by programming your pellet stove to your heating needs.


In addition to ease of use and convenience the 300 will provide you with a cozy and comfortable warm. It will regulate the combustion air automatically, so it always has optimal combustion. Sit back and relax, once the desired temperature in the room is achieved the 300 will automatically adjust the output, until there is a need for heat again.


We believe your pellet stove should be a statement in your home and fit into your home’s interior. You can choose from sleek black or grey paint. Go bold and finish your Scan-Line Green 300 off with complete soapstone, giving you warm after the pellet stove is off, or finish it off with just a stylish soapstone top.

Scan-Line Green 300

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